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Ballet is a traditional dance form that has been proven to improve the flexibilty and strength of the individual. 


Through promoting correct posture and alignment, ballet is excellent for total body conditioning.


Children can start from the age of 3.

Classes can be just for fun and exercise, or examinations can be taken at every level.


Originally from America, this rhythmical dance form can be fun and energetic. 


Instead of just dancing to the music.. you become the music.


Lessons are from 4 years of age, with the option of taking graded examinations. 


Jazz incorporates many styles of dance. Including modern stage, commercial, hip-hop to name a few.


These lessons start from the age of 5, with a high emphasis on fitness and performance.



These sessions include learning skills in dance, drama and singing.


They are fun-based, with a focus on confidence building and teamwork. By mixing all we have learned together, and with a bit of dedication, we are able to showcase our work in regualr performances.


Classes start from 4 years.

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